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Strategic Communications Hopiasepät provides expertise in strategy, communications and influencing.

We are a small but influential consultancy, based in Helsinki Finland. With strong background in diplomacy, international relations, journalism and politics we’re able to help both with solving problems and communicating successes.

We build on top experience and VIP networks in politics, media, the EU and NATO. Located next to the Finnish Parliament in Helsinki, our consultancy helps our clients, both from private and public sector, to profile themselves with genuinely relevant ideas and the right partners. We create media break-throughs and campaigns, offer strategic advice, lobby political messages to decision-makers, train and coach, help with crisis communication… Our solutions are sometimes so ambitious and imaginative that our clients only believe them when realized with success!

We work mostly in the core of digitalization, industry, services and software, but are always open to learn new fields of business.

We are a small team of experts, having started as a family business in spring 2016. The name Hopiasepät comes from the surnames of the founders; Mr Jussi Seppälä and Ms Henna Hopia.

Our Advisory Board includes top level influencers and experts in finance and investments, technology industries, strategy and change leadership.

Strategic communications Hopiasepät was founded in 2016.

Our services include:


  • Initial Mapping
  • Resilience Assessment
  • Alternative Mapping
  • Boosting
  • On-call Advisory


  • Thought Leadership Building
  • Societal Initiatives
  • Business Development and New Initiatives
  • Partnerships
  • Strategy Renewal
  • All-in Strategic Communication Service
  • Strategy Workshop ’AHJO’


  • Writings and Speeches to the Media
  • Speeches/Presentations
  • Books and Pamphlets
  • Website Content
  • Brochures


  • Crisis Communication Strategy
  • Crisis Communication Coaching
  • Crisis Communication Support
  • Q&A


  • Media Work and Media Relations
  • Media Campaigns
  • Press Releases and STT Info Service
  • Brand Renewal
  • Profiling


  • Communication Strategy
  • Message Refinement
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Campaigns/Social Media Support
  • Video Production
  • Brochures


  • Media Coaching
  • Expert Coaching (the EU, Security Policy, Politics…)
  • Crisis Communication Coaching
  • Strategy Workshop ’AHJO’


  • Campaigns
  • VIP Influencer Meetings
  • Influencer Communication and Lobbying
  • Large Influencer Events
  • Advocacy Strategy
  • Thought Leadership Building
  • Societal Initiatives
Jussi Seppälä
Jussi SeppäläCEO
Jussi is an experienced analyst and communicator of international politics and economics. He has been instrumental in preventing several international corporate crises and constructing alternative strategies.

Jussi’s substantial international expertise, high-level networks, and communication skills complement each other perfectly. The new GeoService is close to Jussi’s heart, but previously there was no clear demand for it. The global shift from market orientation to confrontation and geopolitics has made the understanding of geo-economics a necessity for companies. Having worked in over 30 countries under all conditions, Jussi has a deep understanding on how to navigate in this new world.

Jussi knows who to turn to and is familiar with influencers at the ministerial, commissioner, and national leadership levels. He understands how the world and media operate – and how to find the media for an idea. Many remember Jussi from Yle’s TV news, where he reported for over 20 years as a Foreign Correspondent and EU Correspondent. Jussi has also managed the government’s international media relations as Finland’s EU Press Counselor in Brussels – he is familiar with the tools of influence and influencers themselves. Before founding Hopiasepät in 2016, Jussi moved to the private sector, crafting strategic analyses for Miltton.
+358 50 529 4562

Henna Hopia
Henna HopiaCOO
Henna is an expert in both international and domestic politics, advocacy, and communication, with a knack for operational effectiveness. Henna has previously worked as a journalist in Brussels, in several think tanks, and as a Political Assistant in both the European Parliament and the Parliament of Finland. Prior to entering Hopiasepät she worked as the Communications Manager for the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA.

Having participated in politics herself, Henna is exceptionally well-networked both internationally and domestically. She is adept at rapid analyses of the risks and opportunities related to different geopolitical or political contexts. Henna notably predicted the threat posed by Russia in her analyses at a time when cautioning against this wasn’t yet mainstream. Henna has reported on EU politics from Brussels as a Correspondent and published various political analyses.

As an active reserve officer in the Finnish Defence Forces, Henna is closely familiar with military and comprehensive security issues. With her analytical strength, influence networks, and exceptional organizational abilities, she is a valuable addition to our GeoService. Henna has played key roles in organizing events at the prime ministerial level in Finland and Central Europe.
+358 45 601 8886

Please contact us and let’s talk how we could help you! Our office is located next to the Parliament of Finland.

Strategic Communications Hopiasepät
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 11 lh 2
00100 Helsinki
+358 50 529 4562

Strategic Communications Hopiasepät is located next to the Parliament of Finland